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KFC El Poblado Medellin Colombia | Colombia Backpacking



Carrera 36/Calle 10, El Poblado, Medellin
(various other locations throughout Colombia)

So, one might ask, why would a website that purports to give backpackers insight into the real Colombia put a review of KFC, a dreaded multinational dripping-with-grease-and-fat fast food chain? The answer is that a meal at KFC is a lot more Colombian than you might think. And in Medellin's pricy El Poblado neighborhood, where most backpackers and tourists end up staying, swinging by KFC for a meal might not actually be a bad idea.

I would recommend the Supercombo 2, pictured below. It includes a choice of lentils (lentejas) or beans (frijoles), rice, salad, fried bananas (maduros), a leg and breast of fried chicken, and a small soda. It's certainly not health food, but for $10.900 it is a filling, and, I shudder to say, not terribly unhealthy meal, as fast food goes. The rice is fluffy and delicious, the lentils are expertly cooked and flavorful, and the maduros are to die for.

So, while I would rarely if ever recommend swinging through a KFC in the United States, if you find yourself in Medellin, it might not be half a bad idea. It's also right down the street from Tiger Paw and Casa Kiwi, two of the best hostels in Medellin.


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