Eat Burrito

Eat Burrito
Calle 8/Avenida El Poblado, El Poblado, Medellin
(034) 448.8480


Looking for some affordable Mexican food in the ritzy environs of Medellin's El Poblado neighborhood?  Look no farther than Eat Burrito, located just two blocks from Parque El Poblado, on 8th Street and Avenida El Poblado.  But wait!  It's not just a Mexican joint.  It's a four in one Mexican, American, criollo (Colombian), and Italian joint!

With two locations in Medellin, and a bizarre four in one strategy, it is worth a try.  Branded as the Eat Company, the lead brand is the Eat Burrito.  For $8.900 COP you can order a burrito combo.  Choose between pollo (chicken), res (beef), cerdo (pork), and champinones (mushrooms).  The combo includes a soft drink or ice tea, and some crispy and delicious tortilla chips with a side of real guacamole.

I tucked into a beef burrito, and while it was not great, it was good, especially for a $4 meal.  It included lettuce, tomato, cheese, and refried beans.  What also made the burrito even better was that there is a toppings bar that includes three types of hot sauce, as well as pickled jalapeno peppers.  Throw a few on to spice up your burrito.

The restaurant is in a great location, and features a pleasant open air ambience, with friendly and attentive service. While the Mexican food won't knock your socks off, I'd recommend Eat Burrito as decent food at a good value.  Now to try the American, Italian, and criollo restaurants as well!

Food: 5
Value: 8
Service: 7
Ambience: 7

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