Balcon Sangileno

Balcon Sangileno
Carrera 10 #12-03, southeasterner corner of Parque La Libertad, San Gil, Santander

Balcon Sangileno is a great spot to try traditional food from Santander (a department located northeast of Bogota), or comida tipica santandereana. The restaurant is located in San Gil's main plaza, the Parque La Libertad, in the southeastern corner on the second floor. It offers balcony seating with a nice view.


They don't skimp on the portions here, and you can expect typical Colombian food with authentic preparation and reasonable prices. Comida santandereana is hearty and simple, and is particularly heavy on cuts of beef, steamed yuca, salad, and the arepa santandereana, which is made is a round flat cake made from corn meal.

My personal recommendation would be the cabro, or goat; it's a true delicacy of Santander. You get two generous portions of goat leg, served up with salad, arepa santandereana, yuca al vapor (steamed yuca), as well as a portion of pepitoria, rice mixed with cow's blood and beans. The goat meat is crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside, and remarkably tender. The flavor is somewhat like lamb.

All in all, this restaurant will get two thumbs up from foreigners. It's got a nice ambience, the service is friendly, the location is great, and the food is wonderful!

Food: 8
Value: 8
Service: 7
Ambience: 7 

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