Get Off the Trail

Colombia Backpacking is pleased to announce its partnership with a new travel agency specializing in travel between Colombia and Panama. Read all about it here!


Travel with Get Off the Trail

Travelling Colombia's western Caribbean coast and crossing overland to Panama has never been easier. Literally. After decades of conflict and meagre conditions on the roads in the Uraba region, exploring the other side of the Atlantic coast is finally possible – and a memorable adventure spanning over 500km with Get Off the Trail.

Departing from Santa Marta or Cartagena, Laura, a bilingual guide from Medellín who knows the road,the people and the food, will lead the way along the coast, through cattle grounds, banana plantations, and colourful rural towns. Groups of 3-6 people will take public transport (buses and boats) and sleep in shared accommodation.

The shortest trail is 3 nights, 3 days departing Santa Marta or Cartagena, where the first night is spent. The group leaves on an early morning bus straight to Arboletes, a Paisa town by the ocean that boasts, one of the biggest mud volcanoes on the continent and where the second night is spent. The next day starts with an early bus to Turbo and then a boat across the Gulf of Uraba to Capurgana and finally Sapzurro, where the third night is spent.

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Sapzurro is an almond and coconut tree-lined bay closer to La Miel in Panama than Capurgana, which is accessible by boat or hiking through the thick jungle-covered mountains. On the third day, the group will walk up a mountain and across the border. Anyone wishing to continue to Panama can do so from this point on, taking boats leaving from Sapzurro, Capurgana or La Miel. For those who enjoy slow travel, additional days on beaches near Santa Marta or Cartagena are also available. Return trips to Monteria, Cartagena or Santa Marta can also be arranged. Trails can be up to 14 days long.

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Travelling with Get Off the Trail means having the freedom to explore the region's biodiversity, to take in the scenery and bask in the sun without worrying about your level of Spanish, buses and boats, hotels and hammocks, bookings and prices, because all those pesky little details will be taken care of. Starting at COP$425,000 per person departing Cartagena and COP$467,000 per person departing Santa Marta (includes all transportation and accommodation, plus a travel hammock and mosquito net which will be yours for the duration of your trail), Get Off the Trail offers an exciting alternative for travellers wishing to cross the border into Panama and those seeking a genuine Caribbean adventure.

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