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Would you like to be reviewed in Colombia Backpacking? Our writers are constantly traveling around Colombia, and we welcome the opportunity to develop new relationships with business owners in Colombian tourism. We take the time to get to know your business, write excellent articles, take great photos, and provide the best and most up-to-date information, explaining to our audience why they should patronize your business. 

If you would like to appear in Colombia Backpacking or on our sister site Visit Colombia (high end tourism) please get in touch with us, and we will get back to you soon!

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1. Hostels and Hotels

We have the most extensive collection of hostel and hotel reviews in the country (over 70 and counting), and we are constantly expanding our reach to more cities and departments in Colombia. As hostels are the lifeblood of backpacking, we do everything that we can to cultivate great relationships with hostel owners. There are a variety of services that we can offer to drive business to your hostel, several of which we offer for free, or in exchange for free accommodations.

2. Restaurants

We relish the opportunity to expand our guide to Colombian restaurants. Our business relationship with restaurants is simple: You invite Colombia Backpacking to eat in your restaurant, and we provide an article and photo shoot, as well as featuring your restaurant in the relevant geographical section.

3. Bars, Nightclubs, and Discotecas

Are you the owner of a bar or club in Colombia? Show us a night on the town and we will happily give you a great writeup on our site. This is a new branch of our website that we plan to aggressively develop in the Fall of 2014.

4. Tour Operators

Do you have a tourism company or tour operator in Colombia? We are rapidly expanding this section of our site. In exchange for complimentary participation in your company's tours and/or activities, we can happily provide you with great free publicity, and stellar photos.

5. Transportation Companies

Transportation is one of the most important considerations for people visiting Colombia. Whether you operate a bus company, car rental, airline, boat transportation, jeep service, or horse rental, we are happy to cover you on our site in exchange for free transportation for one of our writers.

6. Cultural Events

This is a service that we offer to our readers to help them experience the most of Colombia. We love highlighting cultural events, free or paid, including concerts, exhibitions, lectures, plays, and workshops. Get in touch with us and we will happily get you some positive press.

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