International Flights to Colombia

If you're heading to Colombia, you may be surprised to find that it may be a lot cheaper to get there than you think. Even humble backpackers can now fly to Bogota, Medellin, or Cartagena without breaking the bank, thanks to new low cost carrier routes and increased competition from the free trade agreement with the United States. Gone are the days of overpriced Avianca flights.

United States

Why is it often so cheap to fly to Colombia these days? There are a couple of reasons. First of all, there is increased competition, especially from the United States. Your best bets are routes with low cost carriers Spirit and JetBlue. Secondly, Colombia is without a doubt the cheapest entry point to South America for the majority of global travelers. It is closest geographically to the United States, Canada, and Europe, so the aviation fuel costs proportionally less.Where jetBlue flies in Colombia

There has also been a boom in demand for flights, for both business and tourism. As the supply of flights goes up the price goes down. Colombia is much more accessible than neighbors Ecuador and Venezuela, for example, where various geopolitical and economic reasons make flights astronomically more expensive. Flights to Colombia's southern neighbors Bolivia and Paraguay are extremely expensive, and both require a visa. Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay are also quite expensive, and all of these nations except Uruguay are currently charging Americans (and many other nationalities) for visas as well.

JetBlue services Bogota, Medellin, and Cartagena currently. Spirit flies to Bogota, Medellin, and Cartagena, and now also offers service to Armenia, you window to Colombia's beautiful Coffee Zone!

If you're planning a trip to Colombia, you will quickly find that the cheapest way to get to Colombia is to fly to the United States.

If you're flying from the East Coast, your best bet will almost certainly be Jet Blue or Spirit. With JetBlue you'll likely fly through Orlando or Fort Lauderdale, while Spirit will fly you through Fort Lauderdale. It's just four hours from these international hubs down to Bogota or Medellin, so expect a total door to door travel time of 10 to 12 hours. That's it! In just half a day you can be from your home to your hostel or hotel in Bogota, Medellin, or Cartagena!

From New York and Boston JetBlue, Spirit, United, and Delta are your best bets for cheapest fares. Do your research, purchase in advance, and expect to pay between $400 and $700 for a roundtrip.jetBlue plane

Washington DC typically has the cheapest fares with Colombian national airline Avianca as well as Compania Panamena de Aviacion.

From Atlanta Spirit offers the cheapest fares, around $550.


From the West Coast you are most likely to fly through Panama City or Houston.

From Los Angeles there is fierce competition between Spirit, Taca, and Avianca for the route. The good news is that you can currently book a roundtrip ticket for $500!

From San Francisco, Taca and Avianca are competing for the route, and you can get a round trip to Bogota for just $530!


Flights from Canada are quite a bit more expensive than from the United States. For this reason many Canadians, especially those who live close to the border, choose to travel first to the United States and then fly from there to Colombia.

During low season you might pay between $600 and $800 to fly from Toronto to Bogota, while in high season prices might increase to between $800 and $1000.


If you're heading to Colombia from London, Air France is your best bet. They currently offer round trips for 600 pounds

From Paris you can fly Lufthansa or American Airlines for around 800 euros.where Spirit flies in Colombia

From international hub Frankfurt, you can find flights for 700 euros on Iberia.


Travel between Australia and New Zealand and Colombia is quite expensive, unfortunately. Expect to pay somewhere around $2,000 to $3,000 Australian dollars for a roundtrip. Currently Aerolineas Argentinas and American Airlines offer the best fares.

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