Tacarcuna Lodge

Tacarcuna Lodge
(Directly to the west of the main plaza, and next to the airstrip in Capurgana)

Completely at the other end of the spectrum from Hostal Los Delfines is the large and luxurious Tacarcuna Lodge, a gem of Capurgana, and located right off the main plaza. It's also right next to where the plane will arrive from Medellin. It boasts spectacular accommodations, a beautiful swimming pool, pristinely manicured grounds, and a gourmet restaurant and chef on site. The per person price is $160.000 a day, and includes all of your food as well.


Hey, it's a bargain of a deal for the US, but it might be a bit of a splurge for your typical backpacker making his way from Colombia to Panama or vice-versa. One thing is certain, though, and that is that you can't go wrong here enjoying the delicious food, having a few drinks at the bar, and sitting poolside.


It's a fabulous spot to kick back and relax and enjoy your Caribbean Choco experience!

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