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Hostel Santander Aleman Terrace Vista San Gil | Colombia Backpacking


Hostel Santander Aleman Terrace Vista

Hostel Santander Aleman Terrace Vista
Carrera 10 #15-07, San Gil, Santander
(037) 724.0329, 317.770.9188
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Overview: Hostel Santander Aleman Terrace Vista is located just two blocks west of the main plaza Parque la Libertad in San Gil, Santander's tourism capital, and the capital of extreme sports in Colombia: think hang-gliding, white water rafting, canyoning, spelunking, rappeling, free diving, zip-lining, canopying, and mountain biking. It's a great spot to make your home base while you explore the best that the Santander department has to offer. It's a clean, quiet, and comfortable hotel, with hostel-style amenities. And if you're looking for a hostel, just head a few blocks away to the hotel's sister, the Hostel Santander Aleman.


Neighborhood: It doesn't get much safer than San Gil...this is a little city of 50,000 that not only survives, but thrives, on tourism, so rest assured that you'll be well taken care of. The streets are well-lit, there is plenty of police presence, and the downtown is packed with great restaurants, bars, shops, and stores, many catering to the sizeable tourist presence, from both Colombia, and throughout the world. Terrace Vista is in the heart of where you want to be during your time in San Gil.

How to Get There: If you're arriving to San Gil by bus, you'll arrive at the inter-departamental bus terminal, located 3km west of the city, on the highway to Bogota. Here, just ask any taxi to take you to Hostel Santander Aleman Terrace Vista. All the taxi drivers know where the hostels are, and it will cost you just $3.400. And even though a taxi is just $3.400, why not give the taxi driver a nice tip! Although tipping taxi drivers is not customary in Colombia, it can only bring you good karma.

If you're arriving by plane, your best bet is to fly into Bucaramanga's Palonegro Airport. From there it's just an inexpensive and quick two and a half hour bus ride to San Gil.

Management/Staff: Hostel Santander Aleman Terrace Vista is owned and managed by Ivan Aleman, who also has Hostel Santander Aleman, a few blocks to the east, and plans for a third hotel. His passion is showing tourists the best that San Gil and Santander have to offer; and getting them plugged in with adventure sports. Even better, he's developed a website so that you can book and pay for all of your hotels, tours, and extreme sports excursions online with a credit card!

Ivan has clearly put together a great staff at his hostels; they're knowledgeable about the area, and want you to have a great time during your stay.

Rooms: Terrace Vista is designed for more upscale backpackers and tourists...with largely private rooms.

Shared Rooms: There's just one dormitory at Terrace Vista...it's a large room with five beds that's perfect for families traveling together, or for large backpacking groups.

Private Rooms: Terrace Vista is equipped with around ten private rooms, each of which are above and beyond what you'd expect at a hostel; it's really more like a hotel. The rooms are spacious and airy, with stylish wooden furniture. Each comes equipped with cable TV and a large floor fan. And here's something you won't find everywhere: every bathroom has hot water!


Amenities: At Hostal Santander Aleman Terrace Vista, the amenities are a real draw.

There is a first-floor courtyard with hammocks, that's a great place to lounge and catch some sunshine. There are two computers for guest use in a room adjoining the lobby on the first floor. The entire hotel is covered by a truly top-notch wifi signal, one of the best we've seen in Colombia.

The real gem of Terrace Vista is, surprise, surprise, the terrace! Up on the fourth floor you'll find this sprawling tile-lined terrace, with ample seating, and spectacular views of the valley surrounding Rio Fonce and San Gil. Hanging plants and decorations set a beautiful atmosphere, and there is a large and well-equipped kitchen for guest use, with rangetop stove, microwave, and large refrigerator. There's also a ping-pong table.

The real amenities offered here are the access to all kinds of extreme sports, tours, and activities: the staff here are experts at helping you maximize your time in San Gil, and have relationships with companies offering every type of tour imaginable.

Whether you're looking to go exploring la Cueva Antigua, or la Cueva el Indio, or head off to one of the scenic waterfalls, do a day trip to Barichara, hike the Camino Real, try your hand at whitewater rafting, mountain biking, or really ratchet up the adrenaline with bungee jumping or paragliding, they will make it happen for you!


Conclusion: Hostel Santander Aleman Terrace Vista is a wonderful spot to make your home base to explore the best that San Gil and Santander have to offer. Part upscale hostel, and part hotel, it offers the sophisticated backpacker or traveler all the amenities that one would expect, and the services you'd expect to find in a hostel. 

It comes highly recommended by Colombia Backpacking!

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