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Hostal los Patios El Poblado Medellin Antioquia | Colombia Backpacking


Hostal los Patios

Hostal los Patios
Carrera 43e #11-40, El Poblado, Medellin, Antioquia
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Overview: Medellin is an essential stop for anyone visiting Colombia. Hostal los Patios is a new hostel with a completely new concept in tourism. It's located in the heart of El Poblado, in the stylish Manila neighborhood, in an impressive new six story highrise building with spectacular views of the valley where Medellin is situated. It features a variety of daily activities and classes, a spectacular rooftop bar, and high-end modern facilities throughout, including a classroom, recreation room, and even a stage for musical performances on the ground floor.


Neighborhood: The Manila neighborhood is an ideal place to explore Medellin. It's centrally located. Just a ten minute walk up Calle 10 (headed to the East) you will find Parque Lleras and all the restaurants, clubs, and bars in the city. Just a five minute walk down Calle 10 (headed West) you will find the El Poblado metro station, for quick and easy access to anywhere in the city. Also, you are just two blocks from the biggest Exito (national supermarket chain) in the south of Medellin, if you want to buy food or anything else.

How to Get There: In Medellin there are two airports: Jose Maria Cordova (MDE) and Olaya Herrera (EOH). Jose Maria Cordova is located about 25 miles southeast of the city in Rio Negro, while Olaya Herrera is in the city itself. You will most likely fly into Jose Maria Cordova. A taxi from Jose Maria Cordova is offered by the hostel's own service, which you can arrange directly with them via Facebook, whatsapp, or email. It costs $70.000, and takes roughly an hour, although it could be as quick as 40 minutes without traffic.

If you fly into Olaya Herrera, which is located in the center of the city, it's just a 10-15 minute taxi ride to the airport, and should cost around $10.000.

If you are arriving by bus, there are two terminals. Buses arriving from Cali and the Coffee Zone, and other points south, will arrive at the Terminal del Sur. From here it's about 15 minutes to the hostel, and a taxi should cost $10.000.

If you are arriving from Bogota, Bucaramanga, or the Coast, you'll arrive at the Terminal del Norte. This terminal is quite a bit farther from El Poblado and the hostel. Expect a 20-25 minute ride, and to pay around $20.000.

Management/Staff: The hostel is a project of four Colombian partners who aim to offer the best experience possible to international and national guests.

Rooms: There are 21 rooms in total, with space for around 80 guests.

Shared Rooms: There are 10 dorms in total. There are four 4 bed dorms, one 6 bed dorm just for female guests, and five 8 bed dorms. Prices range from $48.000 to $55.000.

Private Rooms: There are 11 private rooms, 10 of which include private bathrooms, while one has a shared bathroom. Prices range from $150.000 to $180.000.



Breakfast: No. But free coffee is offered all day long.

Kitchen: Yes. Open 24 hours a day.

Restaurant:  Yes. The hostel has its own restaurant on the ground floor.

Bar: Yes. The bar serves BBC, Tres Cordilleras, and a variety of other beers, as well as cocktails.

Terrace/Patio: There is a rooftop terrace with a bar

TV Lounge: Yes. On the fifth floor.

Computers: There are two computers for guest use on the ground floor.

Wifi: Yes. Free wifi on all five floors.

Lockers: Yes. All dormitories have their own spacious lockers, but you must bring your own lock and key.

Bicycles: Yes. $5.000 an hour or $30.000 for the whole day.

Credit Cards: Yes. Visa. Mastercard. Amex.

Luggage Storage: Yes. 

Check-in Time: 3pm

Check-out Time: 11:30am

Restaurants in the Neighborhood:  One of the most exciting developments in Manila is the explosion of a sophisticated restaurants scene. Tal Cual offers seafood, pasta, and a ceviche in a pesto sauce, and is also located in an art gallery. La Hacienda offers up typical Colombian food such as the signature Medellin dish: the bandeja paisa. Halong serves Vietnamese food in a great environment. The barbecue ribs in coconut milk come especially recommended. Verdeo is an excellent vegetarian restaurant. Indeed, Manila is known as the gastronomic zone of the city, "la zona de la buena mesa", and has 5 art galleries, and 20 restaurants within walking distance.

Also recommended are Olivia for its pizzas, salads, and Italian fare, Ganzo y Castor for breakfast and coffe, and the Cambria cafe for its deserts and bakery.

Tourism in the City:  For tourism in Medellin itself, you should consider taking the cable car that heads up to Santo Domingo and Parque Arvi. It's an unforgettable experience, and the cable car has truly transformed that part of the city. It has rejuvenated the community, as people have begun to decorate their houses, and take pride in them.

Also highly recommended is the free walking tour in El Centro, and the Graffiti Tour, which you can do with tour operator Top Ten. What is interesting about the graffiti tour is that 15 years ago it would have been impossible to do, because the neighborhoods would have been too dangerous, particularly the Comuna 13 neighborhood. Now, during the 3 to 4 hour tour, in addition to seeing the graffiti, you get to meet and interact with local people.

El Museo de la Memoria, located near the station Bicentenario, is also a great place to learn about Medellin's troubled past.

At Eslabon Prendido, located downtown, you can enjoy a live salsa band every Tuesday night.

There are also a wide variety of food tours and markets to visti: el mercado de trambia, el mercado del rio, located next to the Bancolombia building, and in Buenos Aires, el mercado la minorista. It's best to take a taxi to these locations.

El Salon Malaga, just 15 minutes from the hostel, is regarded to be the best place to hear tango music.

Tourism Outside the City:  The hostel offers a coffee tour that focuses on the village of Jardin and Fredonia. As with wine, each coffee has its own special flavor. The tour starts at 8am, and then heads south to the coffee zone of Antioquia. There are also options to spend the night on the coffee farm, or ride a horse through the farm. You will come away with a new appreciation for the process of cultivating, harvesting, and drying coffee.

In Guatape, located two hours east of Medellin, you can climb the famous "El Penol", and get a sense of the amazing biodiversity in Colombia. You'll see the typically decorated casitas, and get a chance to enjoy typical "paisa" foods like frijoles, bandeja paisa, and trucha (river trout).

And, head to nearby Santa Helena to see the renowned "cultura silletera" where the rich variety of flowers of Antioquia is showcased in beautiful, elaborate flower displays, that involve entire families and villages.


Conclusion: The owners of the hostel consider it to be a tribute to Colombia, because they feel proudly Colombian, and are happy to help people explore the country, now that the country's marginalized past has been overcome. They encourage you to explore Colombia and its rich biodiversity. Here it is more than just a place to sleep. It's a place where you can make friends, take classes, learn how to dance or prepare cocktails, and plan tours. 

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