Colombian Love Motels

Colombian Love MotelYes, it might sound sleazy, but it is also practical, affordable, fun, and very common in Colombia and throughout Latin America. It's a phenomenon that may be new and bizarre to Americans and Europeans who might be puzzled as to why one would go there in the first place. Colombia is a paradox in many senses. One such paradox is that, while it's in some ways a conservative and religious country, it is also a place where young people spend their weekends drinking, dancing, and looking for some evening companionship. It's hard to do this often in a country like Colombia where the vast majority of young people live with their parents or other family members until marriage.

Thus...the love motel. Originally a concept from Japan, love motels have sprung up all over Colombia and Latin America. It also presents a good option for a tourist or backpacker if you're staying in a hostel or hotel, where it may be difficult or impossible to bring a special friend home. Love motels in Colombia cost anywhere from $40.000 to $100.000 and up for the most luxurious trappings. (That's $20 to $50 and up).

The funnest part about the love motel is the jacuzzis, sex toys, and themed rooms: When it comes to themed rooms, the sky's the limit. Egyptian, jungle, Chinese, futuristic, think of a themed room and you can find it in Colombia. 

In general, it is a prudent idea to steer clear of the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to love motels. In bad areas of town or "zonas de tolerancia" you're likely to find prostitution, hard drugs, and plenty of street crime. Treat yourself to a more upscale environment, and you're likely to be pleased with the results. Never sacrifice your safety to save a little money.

And there's no need to be shy, bashful, or embarrased about proposing such an idea in Colombia. It's almost certain that your date, whether male or female, has been to one before. And in addition to offering a wide range of "things" to enhance your experience, love motels often have beer or liquor available for purchase. Some high end ones even offer room service!Colombian Love Motel

Where to Find Love Motels:

Bogota: Love motels are found, quite naturally near, the big entertainment areas of Bogota. Although you can find them spread out throughout the north of Bogota, the undisputed largest area with love motels is in Chapinero in the area along the Caracas and between Calle 57 and 72. Be careful though, because this area can get a bit dodgy at night.

Medellin: If you're looking for a love motel in Medellin, head to a southern neighborhood called La Estrella, located in the area around Calle 80 sur.

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