Liga Postobon

Colombia's Liga Postobon is the nation's leading professional soccer league. It is sponsored by the Postobon soft drink company, and it's formal name is the Liga Categoria Primera A. The league was founded in 1948, and currently features 18 teams from throughout Colombia.
America de Cali cheerleaders

The most renowned teams in the league are Santa Fe and Millonarios in Bogota, Atletico Nacional in Medellin, Deportivo Cali in Cali, and Once Caldas in Manizales. Millonarios, the "blue" team from Bogota, have won the most national championships, with fourteen.

Colombia currently operates with two seasons. In the first, which is often termed Apertura, each team plays every other team in the league, plus one additional game against their main local rival, for a total of an 18 game season. 3 points are awarded for a win, while 1 point is awarded for a tie.

At the end of the Apertura, the top eight teams advance to a tournament called the Finalizacion, where the championship is determined in a tournament format. Thus, there are actually two champions every season.

Interestingly, at the end of every season, the best team from Colombia's B league is promoted to A league, while the worst team from the A league is demoted to Colombia's B league. Thus, in the last season, Barrancabermeja's Alianza Petrolera team rose to Liga Postobon by winning the B league.

If you are headed to Colombia, you should make it a top priority to head to see a couple of soccer matches. In Bogota, the stadium "El Campin" is located on 57th Street, while in Medellin the stadium has its own stop "Estadio" on the metro in the northwestern part of town.

Smaller stadiums are usually general admission, while larger stadiums will offer two seating options. Opt for the more expensive, and you'll avoid riffraff. For example, in Bogota, cheaper seats cost $12.000, while more expensive seats cost $18.000.

One of the best parts of Colombian soccer, as well, is the cheerleaders, which every team has. They perform on the sidelines through the match, and unsurprisingly, they are some of the prettiest girls in all of Colombia.

Soccer in Colombia, as in much of Latin America, has the potential to get a little unruly from time to time. Thus, don't be surprised by some additional security measures. Alcohol is not sold anywhere at stadiums, and you may not bring it in from outside. Expect a very heavy police presence both inside and outside of the stadium. Also, when two rival teams are playing, fans are seated in different parts of the stadium, and their post-game departures are staggered. Typically the police will let one fan section out first, and make the other section wait fifteen or twenty minutes. This is to avoid fights outside.

While viewing a soccer match is definitely something you should do, remember to put safety first, and be sure to be familiar with your surroundings, and take taxis after dark.

While the Colombian national league lacks the international fame of its counterparts in Brazil and Argentina, for example, it is on the rise, especially with the spectacular performance in this year's world cup classifications of the national team, the Cafeteros.medellin fans 

And while many players work their way through the Colombian national league on their way to contracts in Europe, Asia, or the MLS in the United States, with the general theme of Colombia's economic rise, here's to hoping that salaries, and the quality, of domestic football will continue to increase!


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