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Colombian Geography


Colombia is located in northwestern corner South America. It shares borders with Peru, Ecuador, and Brazil to the south, Panama to the north, and Venezuela to the east. Most of Colombia's population lives in the mountainous west, and on the northern Caribbean coast , where you'll find the jewel of the Caribbean Cartagena, the industrial Barranquilla, and the picturesque Santa Marta. The southern and eastern portions of the country are largely rainforest, and are sparsely populated, mostly by indigenous tribes. There is also a large area of plains that forms most of the border region with Venezuela.

Colombia is an extremely mountainous country, with three Andean mountain chains, or Cordilleras, running through it north to south. Bogota, Medellin, and Cali, Colombia's largest three cities, are located in the center of the country, all roughly equidistant from each other in a triangular formation. 

Colombia's largely undeveloped Pacific coast has only one city, the port of Buenaventura. Colombia is unique among South American countries in that it has both a Pacific and Atlantic coast.

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